Monday, November 10, 2008

Artist In Residence - Marshfield

This was the demo (mine)...

Every child got to put brush to the painting...

We talked about values and color...

Last Friday I spent the morning at the Furnace Brook Middle School as an Artist In Residence, along with Mary Sheehan Winn and Sally Dean - how cool was that?  Extremely.  The kids were so interested, with good questions on technique, and the teachers were very supportive - they have an exhausting job - the art teachers have no time to do anything but set up and take down between classes - and Middle School kids are..... energetic.  Here are some shots - I set up a panel for me and one for them, and displayed some Daily Paintings, and explained basically what that is and why I do it (did I ever say it on my blog?).  Mary and Sally were wonderful to be with.  Afterwards we went to lunch and chilled - joined by our friend Jeanne MacFarland, another wonderful artist (who has yet to launch her website!).  On Mary's Daily Painting blog she posted a picture of me with one of the kids.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Parrsboro Painting Trip

A couple of photos from the trip, what a sunset!

Gone to Nova Scotia to paint with Mary Sheehan Winn and Joan Brancale.  Mary's DH gave her this week as a treat, and Joan & I were the lucky ones who did not have a studio sale, teaching schedule or other work to keep us here.  We've been exploring the pink sands of the Bay of Fundy and painting and gobbling up the culture. The tides here rise & fall 50 FEET every day.  Amazing.  It looks like a tsunami when the tides out! What a treat.  

We do look a little 'paint-logged', though, I think!  All week eating, drinking and sleeping painting!  We've discussed every aspect of painting there is, when we were not actually doing it (or climbing down and up massive cliffs to inspect the view).  Here's some photos...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Carol Marine Workshop Girls, Song #1

Here's Robin and Lois from the workshop, singing about painting.... shadows & light, stepping back, etc......  They were fun and great painters... as a whole it was a fabulous workshop that I would recommend - it's about Daily Painting, but there were no shortcuts to a good painting.  Carol made us toe the line, it was hard, and it was tremendously rewarding.  And the GROUP -  well, let's just say we BONDED!  Everyone was so nice, supportive, and encouraging.  And these gals can PAINT!  We are thinking of doing a group blogging project.... I'll keep you updated!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Plymouth Art Guild Festival 2008


I got 2 pieces in this show which runs through Sept 21st in the center of Plymouth, MA at the annual Festival. The Path To The Beach, 12x48 in oil, won Honorable Mention. I'm thrilled.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting Better, 11x14 Oil

Yesterday I happened to be on the Cape and I dropped in on my friend Joan Brancale.   Of course I had to see what she was painting these days and she is in a very industrious phase right now... my favorite piece being hydrangeas, which are past the 'blue' stage.  I never thought to paint them at this point... never really saw the beauty in them, till I saw Joan's rendition, very Thomas Buechner-esque, hers was subtle drama, and it took my breath away.  So this morning I gathered a couple of stems and attempted to paint them, too.  Always I though I wouldn't paint hydrangeas because of all the petals, but I tried Joan's method of wiping off the blocked in color and just suggesting the petals.  I may try them again.  This weather is unbelievable.   I hope everyone's enjoying it....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Pause That Refreshes, Little Compton, 18x18, oil

Today 2 friends came to visit & paint, Paula Villanova and Jody Regan (both have links on my Daily Painting Blog).  We drove down the Main Road and spotted these cows & calves taking a dip in their little pond.  What fun it was to try and nail a composition while they were leaving and coming back, getting back into the water, leaving, etc.!  I remembered Peggi Kroll Roberts saying "Be a Designer!"  And Ken Auster saying "Be Inspired by Nature, but Not Held Hostage By It!".    We had a picnic lunch, but it was HOT HOT HOT in the sun.... and on the way home we had Dell's frozen Lemonade - perfect end to a perfect day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Isolated Shower, 24x24, Acrylic

This is a work up from the little Daily Painting I did of it last week. Easier and harder. Easier because the composition is all done for me, harder because it's boring to copy, and at least with the values, you have to. This was, I think, the most difficult painting I've ever photographed. Under ever light it appeared much darker than in real life. Then when I got it lightened, the colors were all washed out. Or too purple. Or Green. Grrrr.... This is a little vapid compared with the real thing.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Portsmouth Farm II, Oil 12x24

This is the second work up of a farm piece - love the light on the buildings.  I can't say I won't take the brush to this one again, but it's going to sit a bit then I'll look at it afresh. That is how I often handle the 'finished' painting.  I hang it up or display it in the studio so I can't help get a fresh look at it.  Usually after a couple of days, but it's sometimes as long as a couple of months when I look... stop dead in my tracks and say to myself "Of course!  That roofline is off!" or "Yes, the shadow side of that cheek needs to be much darker!!!"... Or even - "That's just right."  You never know...

Monday, July 28, 2008

WIP, Hull View 18x24 Acrylic

Did a little more work on it (see above) and thought I'd post the progress....

Friday Paula Villanova (check out her cool blog) and I visited the beautiful home of our friend Janet who lives in Hull, MA (right near Oceanside 17 Gallery, which you should DEFINITELY check out).  We painted from the small juliet balcony which had a panoramic view of the Bay in Hull.  She served a wonderful lunch (so why does painting make you so hungry?) So much to choose from to paint!  I chose this view down the hill looking out towards World's End in Hingham, a Land Trust Preseve which is open to the public with wonderful walking trails and views from Hull to Boston.  Painted there last Fall.  
Anyway, it was hot as blazes, and I had to leave before it was finished, but this is what I got so far.  I will work on the distance, and shore up the shadow areas, but I like the view!  Thanks, Janet!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Barns in Portsmouth, RI, acrylic 14x18

We painted Plein Air at Judy Chaves' house yesterday in the late light.  We were waiting for the cows to come out, which they did, as we were packing up to go home & cook dinner :(   Apparently the cows (which are dairy cows, but I don't know that that matters) like the grass to nibble, but not these tuft-y weeds, so they grow, while the grass gets nibbled down.  Loved the light on the barn and out building.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pembroke Arts Festival, August 1 and 2, 2008

Today I heard that I got 3 pieces into the Pembroke Arts Festival Juried Show.  I'm thrilled that "Atheena Ballerina" won an Honorable Mention Award!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Opening at the Ventress LIbrary 7/14

A young art lover....

Paula Villanova and Nina Villanova being so kind, after hanging the show, to come to the Opening, too....

Tim and I, trying to get a good photo of both of us...

Well, the 'Opening' finally happened.  Monday night, with a light turnout.  My family & friends were there, however, and I think the show looked good.  Here are a few photos.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Stuff

A 'Toulouse Lautrec" inspired model...

A sunset on a "Hot Summer Night"...

And a Potato Field at "Wingover Farm" in Tiverton...

These paintings are what I've been doing on my 'week off' after my show got hung last week.  I swore I was going to give myself 2 weeks of 'no-painting', to lie fallow, so to speak, and rest from the (exciting) goings on of putting up a one-person show.  To repeat my Daily Blog - my show is at the Ventress Library, in Marshfield, MA through Mid August.  The show is sponsored by the North River Arts Association, and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity.  Photos from the Opening will be posted later this week.  The Opening is July 14, Monday, from 7 - 8:30.  No alcohol is served inside the Library, and there will be light refreshments inside.  But my car will be serving a Tailgate Party!  So to paraphrase Ernie Boc the car dealer ... "Come On Down!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off On Another Adventure

This week I visited Phyllis Adams in Truro at a wonderful 'cottage' just a few houses up from Edward Hopper's house on a huge bluff overlooking the Bay.

Here's a painting of the cottage we stayed at:

Denise Zompa and Trish Hurley were there for the whole week, too - so much fun! This was an amazing 60's 'cottage', a real party house with it's own place in the Art History of Cape Cod.  I think the room I had to myself could have slept 7, and all together I think the house could have comfortably fit 20 or so.  First night there a storm rolled over the bay (didn't touch us)  and we all painted it, here's mine:

and in the afternoon visited Provincetown, and gallery hopped, then painted at Days Cottages (see my Daily Blog for that painting).  This morning we had a terrific breakfast at the Wicked Oyster (see happy faces below), and I headed home, refreshed and renewed!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


OK, so I went to NYC last week, and while I didn't get to gallery hopping (do you really want to know the details of a day spent recovering a cell phone left in a cab?) I DID get to 'visit' the Statue of Liberty!  Back to painting now!

Portsmouth Art Guild Figure Show


I have been 'quiet' for a while, and want to explain. Spring is the time when there are hosts of juried competitions, as well as some applications to juried art associations. I've been really busy submitting, and have been dealing with, well, the agony of defeat. ;) I know, everybody has their ups and downs, and truly, I'm one of those people who don't want to belong to any organization that would let me in! More on that later.
The Portsmouth Art Guild took two of my paintings, above, into their juried show. One, you'll probably see on my Daily Painting Blog, the Skaters, the other is, well, different for me. It came after a particularly stinging rejection of all my pieces into a show I really wanted to get into. It's called "The Rejected Artist" and I took inspiration from Courbet (yes, Courbet the realist) and his "Desperate Man" painting. I took my canvas and my acrylic palette into the bathroom and set up in front of the mirror, tried to strike a similar pose to 'Desperate Man', dried my tears (I'm an easy crier) and let it all hang out. DAMN it! I SHOULD have gotten in to that show! GRRRR..... I'll show them! AUUGGGHHHH!!" etc. Oh, yeah, the next week I got rejected from an art association for membership, so I have plenty of 'models' for my crazy artist paintings.... but truly, you win some and you lose some.... can't let the losing be the emphasis of your life, right?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Amazing Sunset, 11x14 oil

Here in my little piece of heaven, the sky is glorious almost every night.  Every day is different, and after a whole day of churning, heavy clouds the sunset arrived pure and cloudless.  At my side of the broken stone bridge (hence the 'Stonebridge Studio') a lone fisherman stood patiently waiting for a bluefish to grab his line.  Yellow, lavender, azure... ahhhh...  I tried to be loose, yet blocky, simplifying once again, to emphasize the purity of the design...

You know, I've been struggling with quite a few rejections in terms of my art this past month.  I have to say that initially I get miffed (OK, gut-wrenchingly so..) but now I think I'm just freer to try new things, and listen on the wind for my own voice, and maybe I'll get it right soon.  And there are just enough good things happening (like I got the piece called 'Everybody knows Everybody' below into the Cape Cod Art Association National Juried Show) to keep me going.  So I'll continue to prepare for my show in Marshfield (more on that later) at the end of June, and continue to try new ways of looking at color and design.  All in all I can not complain - life is good.

Dramatic Sky, Hingham Harbor, 12x12 Oil

So today looked like it might be a washout, but I was so very inspired by Rich Bowman's new work on his website, that I HAD to paint the dramatic skies today.  And since I had to drive up to Quincy to Tim's office anyway, I swung by Hingham because the Harbor is so pretty, and I thought the sky might be 'big' there.  And it was.  So I had to work quickly, but this is what I got in about 2 hours.  Tried doing mostly 2 directions (vert & horizontal) in my brushwork, and simplified, simplified, simplified....

Perfect Day..Sun, Sand & Sox on the Radio, 11x14 oil

I sketched this lounger last summer at the beach.  The game was on, his Dunkin Donuts iced coffee nearby... he got a little more sun than he probably should have.  I like the way everything was compartmentalized....

1st of the Irises, Acrylic, 16x20

Coffee in the garden led to a beautiful sight this morning - the first group of irises, bearded, I believe they are called, were all in bloom.  Before the sun even hit them I had my paints out, and Tim took this photo of me digging in to the painting  - don't you love the chain link fence?  It KIND of keeps the cats in (when we're there, anyway) and it gives us a sort of boundry because we are in a triangle of streets - all 3 side have people walking by, zooming by, and always interested in what we're doing in the yard!  
This painting was fast and loose, and I was channeling Ros Farbush.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Large Clamscape, 18x24 oil

Obsessive? Possibly. Dangerous?  Only if I forget the clams where I'm painting them and they die and start to smell... I didn't, though.  I'm loving the textures and surfaces, wet & dry on these babies.  Maybe I should have submitted clams and only clam paintings to the Art League of Rhode Island, who rejected my application for admission to their club today.   

Friday, May 23, 2008

Clam-o-licious, Oil, 22x28

At this size, maybe I've got clams 'out of my system' - ahem....  Seriously I did have such a blast painting these - I used, rose, sevres blue, indigo, cad yellow medium, cobalt, a hint of orange and alizarin - this is not your mothers' still life!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Everybody Knows Everybody, Oil, 20x24

This is a little beach community with those gorgeous summer homes with porches facing the ocean, and next week they'll all be moving in, cleaning up and 'Opening' the houses for the season.  I love the 'Hopper'-y feeling of this.

Tiverton Quohogger, 14x18 Oil

You know, I'm making up the size here.  I KNOW it's more than 12x16 but it COULD be 20x24 - it's at the studio, I'm home.  I painted this subject before, and think I did a better job this time...

Sun Hanging Low Over Dunes, 9x12 Acrylic

This is the new photo - a bit sharper.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tools of the Sandcastle Trade 11x14 Oil

This is the painting that I ruined my camera for!  Gale force winds and I needed to get 'lower' to paint and not have my easel fly away - lost my balance getting onto the sand and when I leaned over to right myself my camera dug into the soft beige sand.  Many trips to the wonderful folks at Mid State Camera (how long a drive can it be to get to 'mid state' in Rhode Island?) and I'm now 'sand free'.  I hope.   I liked the looseness and playfulness of this painting, and the Happy colors.  Reminded me of days at the beach with my kids.

Finished (and I mean it this time) Flower Stand

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beach Road Flower Stand, oil, 20x24

On the way to the town beach - on Neck Road - there's this flower stand in the Summer with a blue umbrella.  The person who arranges it really has a good eye for design, as well as a green thumb.  Just wanted to paint the vibrant grass and the shaded flowers with the blue umbrella.  Oh, the stone wall was fun, too, and sorry about the glare there.  This painting is done in Happy Colors, and almost looks like it was done in acrylic.  I believe I suffer from MSD (Multiple Style Disorder), an affliction of emerging ;) artists, when they roam from style to style - sometimes very realistic, sometimes impressionistic, sometimes contemporary...  Whatever the painting calls for, is what I say!

Thunderheads From the South, 20x24

I wanted to keep this loose, but was intrigued by the flat reflection of the curved shape in the water.  This was going to be submitted to the South Shore Art Center's juried show last week, but it's a Windsor Newton canvas, and it wouldn't fit into the standard frame.  This time, I was not AT the framers (where I could pay $25 extra for them to shave some of the inner frame off) so I tried to hammer it in to the frame.  Let me save you the $$ - that does not work.  I completely shattered a nice $60 frame.  Now I have no frame and had to put something else in to the show.  I'm hopeful, but not really - I get into this show about 1 in 4 times.  

Our Scraggly Tulip Garden, 12x12 Acrylic

When I went to Holland to paint, about one year ago, I bought what I thought would be enough bulbs to make a spectacular tulip garden - over 100 bulbs!  The pictures, and live samples were huge, hardy and vibrant.  Easy to grow!  Well, we planted them (and by this I mean Tim planted them where I wanted them) and look at the pathetic examples of tulipkind!  Tim's chalking it up to young bulbs, but I don't know.  We did everything we were supposed to do, and our tulips bought in the US are gorgeous - in other spots.  I didn't want to mix them because I'd forgotten what the Dutch ones were supposed to look like and didn't know if they'd look good together!  Also, they were scheduled to bloom consecutively - but they all bloomed at once.  And they were supposed to be different heights, but they are all pretty much the same!  Oh, well, they're still better than NO tulips! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tug On The Sakonnet, 12x12 Oil

This is a larger piece I did from the little one done last Summer.  I like the looseness of the island in the background, as well and the more defined island in the foreground.  Believe it or not, there was little drawing on the tug, I was channelling Ken Auster in the finishing of this painting, taking his advice to "Reward people for looking at your painting".

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Orphan's Day Out, 12x12 Oil

This one is a nostalgic image of my mother and her twin sister (Alternate name: Patsy and Mickey, but I wanted to save that for another painting I'm doing) on an outing.  They got some time away from the orphanage during the summer, and they both treasured that time.  I THINK I'm done with this.  As usual, the hardest part was my mother's face - which I had to make a random face.  I wonder if I'll ever actually be able to paint her.  She's been gone now 12 years.  Does it ever get easy?

Breakfast in Bed, oil 12x12

He's bringing her breakfast (or, since birds get up at the crack of dawn and this was about 10 a.m. it was probably lunch).  I have every hope that it's because she's getting heavy with eggs, not because she's sick.  The foreground is much more purple IRL.

Gild and Lilies, 24x24 acrylic

More flowers.  These gorgeous lilies were from Tim, the vase was a Christmas present from our daughter, Molly.  My favorite color, and glass to boot.  I made the window sash behind them gold, just because I felt it would give the painting a little pizzaz.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ranunculus in a Mexican Vase, oil 12x16

This vase is so great.  Another Mexican souvenir (apparently I only managed to buy stuff for myself this time :0).  These cheerful orange, yellow & white ranunculus flowers are perfect colors for it.  Flowers are so hard.  I think you have to ignore what their shapes really are and just paint what they FEEL like.  Well, to me, today, this is what they felt like.