Friday, August 24, 2007

World's End, Hingham 14x18 Acrylic

SOLD Yesterday I went to Hingham's World's End with Denise Zompa, Phyllis Adams and Trish Hurley to paint. I did 2 14x18's, and truthfully, they came from somewhere inside of me that I don't recognise! They're very simple, graphic pieces that showed more of how I felt there than anything else. I eliminated all superfluous details, moved trees that were in my way. This painting originally had a path that curved off the page - I repainted it far into the night when I came home, then this morning just took it out. This was the piece looking UP the hill. Tomorrow I'll post the view DOWN the hill, which includes a bit of Hingham Harbor, and, I believe, Crow Point, with Quincy in the background.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More On That Last One...

Worked on this for a while today. I've given the sky more depth, articulated the lifeguard chair, worked on the ridge of rocks, added the seaweed. May be finished... I'll have to live with it a while.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beach Sketch, 14x18 Acrylic

Windy, windy, WINDY day yesterday - I had to weigh my easel down with a full bag of beach stones. I was supposed to be keeping my daughter company while she surfed. Truth is, I'm terrified to watch her surf in wild waves. I could tell she was quickly tired out from the frenetic waves, and it made me nervous - the lifeguard had left (although I think he actually enjoyed watching her for the 1/2 hour before he left!
This is obviously done plein air... with a quick, sketchy feel - literally a half dozen people were at the beach, lifeguards gone for the day at this point, hazy and humid and wild. Perfect day, actually. Molly did surf and I did paint and dinner was pizza and salad - really, a dream day for me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Westport Plein Air

Today Denise Zompa and I painted at Westport Town Beach/Allens Pond Wildlife Preserve. The sky and water were picture perfect, low humidity and warm, but not hot. No wind to speak of. Perfect plein air day. We both painted in oils, and took a lot of reference photos.
On the easel... the day was gorgeous, and the light changed rapidly as the clouds started coming in.

I can already see some things I have to change, but it gives a pretty good 'feel' of what the day was like.SOLD

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunflower Blitz, Acrylic 16x20

Better? I think it's getting there. My family is wondering if I'm going to fill the house with sunflower paintings, I think. They just keep getting more jubilant and loose. I was painting listening to a CD by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole a guy from Hawaii, who died as a young man, with a gorgeous voice. So gentle, peaceful. Listen to his work if you can. He brings to mind, in a different sort of way, Eva Cassidy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Big Babies, Acrylic, 11x14

OK, between you and I (I mean between you and ME - sorry Sister Eugenia Margaret!!!) ... I'm CRAZY for sunflowers. They are not quite up there with my roses, but they have such personality! I wanted this to be very loose, like you feel when it's so hot and humid out (and the sunflowers love that weather, I think!) and colorful. Used acrylic for this one, and the photo is less orange-y in the sunflower petals than in real life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Today finally Denise Zompa and I hung our show at Westport Rivers Vineyard. The show will run till Sept. 10th. The opening is this Friday from 5-8 (of course you are ALL invited!). I don't what's harder...painting for a show or hanging it and getting all the other little odds and ends (postcards, advertising, etc) organized! Our show will be included on the South Coast Studio Tour on August 19 and 20, we will be there both days. I believe on the Sunday at the Vineyard there will also be a Shakespearean play. The Vineyard is a beautiful place, and a nice stop for a wine tasting as well. Already I'm remembering a lot of names that didn't make it to my 'postcard' list...... oh, well.... - to see our blogsite....