Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Things

First, this one from Parrsboro is finally done. Man, I lifted and lowered those big dark clouds, I lightened and darkened them, I made the water more blue, more yellow, more pink, more gray, I made the cliffs taller, shorter, wider, greener, bluer, I made the orange sky brighter, duller, yellower and pinker - BUT I think I finally got it. For better or for worse.

This, more abstract, seascape is one I'd wanted to do for a long time - sometimes in the fog, the land masses are just hinted at. The water and the sky are so close in color and value - it seems the whole world just melts together. This on is 9x12, painted over an old non-working painting.

Friday, March 20, 2009

WIP Update

These three are almost done! I'm very excited - they're huge (for me), I think they're 30x36 - although I can't measure right now because I'm home. The middle one needs the most work - the pink sky has got to be a much warmer pink. I also think I'll adjust the size of the island to be shorter, and bring the second (larger) island down a little too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Above and below are the work of Thomas Sgouros, a Providence painter who had a show in the Bristol Art Museum opening this past weekend. I went on my birthday with Tim, just because we happened to be walking by - and I was blown away - these are huge canvases, maybe 6'x6', and the colors are to die for - the camera distorted the shape and color, and not having the image in front of me, I couldn't adjust it! I dragged my son Conor over to see it while the lasagna was baking (yes, I ended up overcooking it) and we walked into the aftermath of a talk by the artist - COOL - on his way out the door I couldn't resist telling him how much I enjoyed his work - and got a photo of the 2 of us in front of one of his pieces! I saved the lasagna with a little extra sauce, and ended up eating way too much of it (I forgot Tim had made his famous German Chocolate cake, too)!

And below, I've shown a little detail, and the whole of the mother-and-child painting done from a photo at the beach last summer. The little red haired boy was so fun to do with his big diaper laden swimsuit! Once again, they were silhouetted. I'm not finished with this, but all I'm really going to do is put in their reflections, which will help them 'stand up' in the water.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunset #2, 24x30

This is one of the beautiful sunsets that I see from my front porch. I am always inspired by them, and wanted to do some skies just to see how they look together.