Monday, August 17, 2009

Tranquility, 30x40

I've been using Blogger for ... what, almost 3 years now? And I still forget that the order in which you upload your photos is the OPPOSITE of the way they show up! OK, the Big Picture is at the bottom, with the details coming first - sorry about that!

This is another tranquil (hence the name) sunset from my front porch. A west facing view. If I ever show these together (and that's kind of why I'm keeping to the 30x30 and 30x40 gallery wrapped canvases...) I mentioned that I'd call them "From Where I Sit..." because each of these big skies is one seen from my front porch. And, yes, I'm grateful. So very grateful.

The sun and its' reflections

Texture in the water

a bit of cloud

The whole enchilada.