Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Pause That Refreshes, Little Compton, 18x18, oil

Today 2 friends came to visit & paint, Paula Villanova and Jody Regan (both have links on my Daily Painting Blog).  We drove down the Main Road and spotted these cows & calves taking a dip in their little pond.  What fun it was to try and nail a composition while they were leaving and coming back, getting back into the water, leaving, etc.!  I remembered Peggi Kroll Roberts saying "Be a Designer!"  And Ken Auster saying "Be Inspired by Nature, but Not Held Hostage By It!".    We had a picnic lunch, but it was HOT HOT HOT in the sun.... and on the way home we had Dell's frozen Lemonade - perfect end to a perfect day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Isolated Shower, 24x24, Acrylic

This is a work up from the little Daily Painting I did of it last week. Easier and harder. Easier because the composition is all done for me, harder because it's boring to copy, and at least with the values, you have to. This was, I think, the most difficult painting I've ever photographed. Under ever light it appeared much darker than in real life. Then when I got it lightened, the colors were all washed out. Or too purple. Or Green. Grrrr.... This is a little vapid compared with the real thing.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Portsmouth Farm II, Oil 12x24

This is the second work up of a farm piece - love the light on the buildings.  I can't say I won't take the brush to this one again, but it's going to sit a bit then I'll look at it afresh. That is how I often handle the 'finished' painting.  I hang it up or display it in the studio so I can't help get a fresh look at it.  Usually after a couple of days, but it's sometimes as long as a couple of months when I look... stop dead in my tracks and say to myself "Of course!  That roofline is off!" or "Yes, the shadow side of that cheek needs to be much darker!!!"... Or even - "That's just right."  You never know...