Friday, September 26, 2008

Carol Marine Workshop Girls, Song #1

Here's Robin and Lois from the workshop, singing about painting.... shadows & light, stepping back, etc......  They were fun and great painters... as a whole it was a fabulous workshop that I would recommend - it's about Daily Painting, but there were no shortcuts to a good painting.  Carol made us toe the line, it was hard, and it was tremendously rewarding.  And the GROUP -  well, let's just say we BONDED!  Everyone was so nice, supportive, and encouraging.  And these gals can PAINT!  We are thinking of doing a group blogging project.... I'll keep you updated!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Plymouth Art Guild Festival 2008


I got 2 pieces in this show which runs through Sept 21st in the center of Plymouth, MA at the annual Festival. The Path To The Beach, 12x48 in oil, won Honorable Mention. I'm thrilled.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting Better, 11x14 Oil

Yesterday I happened to be on the Cape and I dropped in on my friend Joan Brancale.   Of course I had to see what she was painting these days and she is in a very industrious phase right now... my favorite piece being hydrangeas, which are past the 'blue' stage.  I never thought to paint them at this point... never really saw the beauty in them, till I saw Joan's rendition, very Thomas Buechner-esque, hers was subtle drama, and it took my breath away.  So this morning I gathered a couple of stems and attempted to paint them, too.  Always I though I wouldn't paint hydrangeas because of all the petals, but I tried Joan's method of wiping off the blocked in color and just suggesting the petals.  I may try them again.  This weather is unbelievable.   I hope everyone's enjoying it....