Thursday, October 9, 2008

Parrsboro Painting Trip

A couple of photos from the trip, what a sunset!

Gone to Nova Scotia to paint with Mary Sheehan Winn and Joan Brancale.  Mary's DH gave her this week as a treat, and Joan & I were the lucky ones who did not have a studio sale, teaching schedule or other work to keep us here.  We've been exploring the pink sands of the Bay of Fundy and painting and gobbling up the culture. The tides here rise & fall 50 FEET every day.  Amazing.  It looks like a tsunami when the tides out! What a treat.  

We do look a little 'paint-logged', though, I think!  All week eating, drinking and sleeping painting!  We've discussed every aspect of painting there is, when we were not actually doing it (or climbing down and up massive cliffs to inspect the view).  Here's some photos...