Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Amazing Sunset, 11x14 oil

Here in my little piece of heaven, the sky is glorious almost every night.  Every day is different, and after a whole day of churning, heavy clouds the sunset arrived pure and cloudless.  At my side of the broken stone bridge (hence the 'Stonebridge Studio') a lone fisherman stood patiently waiting for a bluefish to grab his line.  Yellow, lavender, azure... ahhhh...  I tried to be loose, yet blocky, simplifying once again, to emphasize the purity of the design...

You know, I've been struggling with quite a few rejections in terms of my art this past month.  I have to say that initially I get miffed (OK, gut-wrenchingly so..) but now I think I'm just freer to try new things, and listen on the wind for my own voice, and maybe I'll get it right soon.  And there are just enough good things happening (like I got the piece called 'Everybody knows Everybody' below into the Cape Cod Art Association National Juried Show) to keep me going.  So I'll continue to prepare for my show in Marshfield (more on that later) at the end of June, and continue to try new ways of looking at color and design.  All in all I can not complain - life is good.

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