Monday, January 14, 2008

East Beach Date, Oil 18x24

In Westport, MA there are a few great beaches.  Some are great to swim in, some to fish in, some to walk, or just take in the view.  East Beach is a place where a lot of people just go to feel the sun and the breeze and gaze at the beautiful horizon.  One day last Summer when I was painting there, this couple showed up at lunchtime just to sit and talk.  The red jeep and young people enjoying the day was just impossible to pass up, and I had to take a picture.  I knew this image would make a great painting, and there's an upcoming show about the color red, which I mentioned in my Daily Blog.  So.... this was painted fast and furiously, in one fell swoop, and hopefully the energy I felt painting it can be felt by the viewer.  

I also used a few new colors that I'm enjoying from a trip in to Cambridge (Pearl Paint)... Carribean Blue (Old Holland) and some of Gamblin's Radiant Colors.


Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

This is pretty darn cool! Great feeling and color - I love the looseness. This may seem a bit weird, but I think my favorite part is that brightest sunlight reflection on the front fender. There's just something about that I love!

Kelley MacDonald said...

Oh Karen - me, too! It felt like that was the REASON to paint this piece - I saved to till the LAST bit, and savored making it pop! You and I are on the same track!