Sunday, December 12, 2010

I can't believe it's been, like TEN Months!

Work In Progress
24x48 inches Oil
This is how far I've gotten in my commission of the Ptown Harbor panting.  Man - there are so MANY layers on this  - I am getting some great depth, though.  Pretty much now I've got all 'goodies' to do now.    Nice thick layers of paint with just hairs of the brush streaking gorgeous colors, highlights, tiny details - you know, eye candy, as Ken Auster would say.
The couple who commissioned this wanted the pier, the commercial fishing boats, the breakwater.  It is a  completely horizontal view, but their space required a tall, narrow canvas.  I'll try to remember to post when it's finished!

Works In Progress
8x8 inches, Oil
These are 2 versions of a still life of a pizza, italian pastries and a local (to New Haven) soda.  I included the menu, too.  Although in the bottom one, someone I showed it to thought it was a view through to the kitchen door!  So somehow I have got to put actual words on the menu.  This is the composition I like better.  Plus, the glass in this one is full of bubbly soda, and I like the way it came out!

I know, kind of different for me!  it's a 24x24 inch square gallery wrapped canvas.  It's acrylic.  I am working it up from a photograph I took at Rockefeller Center 2 years ago.  I am going to try to keep it kind of silhouette-y.  I'm also going to coat the  background with layers of white tinged with different blues, then finish it off with an iridescent white, that I'll make skating marks in, to show through to the blue-ish white underneath.  It is for the 100 Women Artists show in Vancouver, Canada.


Clare Dunn said...

Hello, Kelley,

I happened on your blog while clicking "Next Blog" about a hundred times without finding anyone whose blog I might want to follow.

Your's - I like.

While running thru the posts, I noticed that you mention Newport and Providence RI...funny coincidence: I live in Johnston, about a 10 minute walk from the Providence Line.

I'll check in every so often, if I may, and say hi! I like your paintings very much.

xoxoxo, cd

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