Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Little Compton Community Show

The Little Compton Community Show runs this weekend, 7/21 and 7/22 at the Community Center in Little Compton. These two pieces of mine will be shown there. It's a nice little venue, and the first piece I submitted, the Pardon Gray piece, was TWO INCHES too wide. They have a rule about size, and 36 inches was the limit for any one piece. Could I have begged.. said that my OTHER piece was only 8x10????? Anyway... I'm frantically getting ready for my Westport Rivers show, and I'll let you in soon on what's going to be there!
Lonely Boathouse, 18x18 oil

Walker's Farmstand, 8x10, oil

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Kelley MacDonald said...

I didn't realize how green the water was in the Boathouse painting! WRONG!